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How our Fundraising Marketing Program Works

Raising Capital is Hard

38% startups fail because they are not able to raise funds. 25% of enterprises fail to find appropriate financers they needed.

40,000+ Investor Network

We match your specific investment criteria with the investment thesis and past investments, for a perfect match

Investment Documents

To prepare for investment we assist in creating business plan, financials and your pitch deck.

Guaranteed Results

We match you with thousands of investors and guarantee meeting with qualified investors interested in your company,


Our programs are dynamic and change on a project basis. We require an engagement fee which ranges from $25,000 USD to $75,000 USD.

Process Overview

After engagement, we spend 2-4 Weeks finalizing materials and pitch. Once positioned we match your investment with our network. This gives us around 3000 leads average to pursue.

Investor Meetings

We facilitate the out reach to all investors securing one-on-one meetings with investors for you to present to. We guarantee qualified investor meetings.

We do the Hard work of Raising Capital for you!

We Succeed in Connecting you with Qualified Investors Fast!

AlphaBull Offers: Gain access to highly relevant investors with a tailored focus on your fundraising needs. Our outreach encompasses prominent angels, super angels, venture capitalists, and private equity firms. Collaborate with our team of top-tier analysts to craft your teasers, presentations, and financial models.

Benefit from seasoned insights by investment banking analysts regarding your funding strategy.

We establish connections with key figures within investment firms, including Founders, Directors, CXOs, and Partners.

Program Timeline

On an average a client funding campaign will run for 3-6 months

Start-up office meeting and brainstorming

Any Size of Business Funding

We can help pre-revenue startup, series stage, growth stage, M&A Capital and beyond.

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Non-Profit Fundraising

We match nonprofits funding needs with family offices and other known donors from our databases.

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At Scale Capital

AlphaBull's program can serve large scale corporate finance without the need for an expensive broker dealer.

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Real Estate Funding

We are very effective at seeking investors for real estate funds of funds or projects at any size investment.

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Average Investment



Disclaimer: AlphaBull LLC provides fundraising marketing services and is not an investment banking firm. We support the communication plan to potential investors but do not engage in the actual sale of securities or provide investment advice. All investment decisions should be made after careful consideration and consultation with a licensed financial advisor. AlphaBull does not guarantee or make any representations regarding the outcome of any investment or fundraising efforts.

We specialize in helping businesses of all stages, from early-stage startups to matured companies. Whether you’re struggling to generate initial sales or have hit a plateau in growth, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

We offer a comprehensive solution to help entrepreneurs achieve their growth goals.

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