Qualified Meetings for your Business

We set-up 20+ qualified meetings per month with your target customer.

Our lead generation team is highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to helping business owners scale their businesses and double or triple their income using our proven lead generation process.

We aim to merge all marketing strategies into one powerful LinkedIn centered lead generation approach to keep up with rapid technological advancements.

How much is a qualified lead worth to your business?

How much effort does it take to get a lead?

What is the LTV of a customer?

Not Tech, Humans

Your outreach program is done by your dedicated representative. People, talking to people, not AI.

Smart working and video conference

Flat Monthly Fee

Campaigns average 20-30 qualified meetings scheduled each month. Flat-Rate service, we do not charge per lead.

Program is Great for:

Program Overview

Our objective was to create an easy-to-use and effective method accessible to everyone. Our commitment is to empower you to achieve exceptional success by generating high-quality outbound traffic.

Target Customer

Tell us your target customer profile and we will bring you leads who are interested to learn more.

RTC: Ready to Convert

Leads that are ready to convert.

Save Time/Grow your business

Generating leads on your own is very time consuming. We save you critical time and deliver you RTC leads all month.

Dedicated Support

Written communication via our cs@alphabull.io email and messengers (WhatsApp, Slack, etc.) with our support manager regarding your lead generation campaign + 15-minute zoom calls (once a week) if needed.


Writing customized and personalized messaging and follow-up sequences or versions of the messages considering your adjustments and comments

Target Audiance Services

Creating the targeting lists (a few during 1 month) for your lead gen campaign on LinkedIn and using additional tools like Sales Navigator, Recruiter, etc.


The customer is responsible for covering the cost of any additional premium services, such as Sales Navigator, Recruiter, etc., that they purchase based on our recommendation.

Virtual Assistant

Doing the messaging on your profile, choosing the most relevant people from the targeting lists, and collecting the statistics about the campaign and data about the leads (name, response, phone number, email address).

Design & Content

Assessing your profile, sharing tips on improving it, writing the professional Headline, creating a professional LinkedIn Background picture, and creating promotional materials for your business, e.g. PDFs, presentations, brochures, banners, posters, etc. (NOTE content is provided by a client).

We do the Hard work of getting you qualified meetings.

Ready to Grow Your Brand?

“Alpha Bull”, the parent company of Pubco Newswire, offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique needs of public companies.

We look forward to learning about your company.


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